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Wedding Homework Packet

Below is what your event team at Rich’s Catering & Special Events often refers to as a wedding homework packet. (Just when you thought homework was behind you!) These important details will assist us in ensuring your wedding day is flawless!

  1. Your final counts, including entrée counts, and table counts (seating diagram) are due 10 days prior to your wedding date. We also ask that you please provide us with the following items at least 3 days in advance of your wedding date.
  2. Seating cards in alphabetical order, marked with entrée choices (unless dinner is duo entrée).
  3. In regards to your vendors, please provide complete names and phone numbers, including: florist, DJ or band, the name of the church if applicable or where the ceremony is being held, the officiant, photo booth, bakery for your wedding cake, photographer, etc.
  4. All bridal articles with a written list of instructions of what you are providing (favors, restroom amenity baskets, non-floral centerpieces, seating cards, slide show, etc.) and how you would like your items set-up
  5. For the ceremony, please list the names in the order they will enter, including grandparents, parents and ring bearer(s)/flower girl(s) if applicable. If any/all groomsmen are entering with the officiant and are not walking down the aisle, please list the order in which they will be standing, starting with the groom and best man.
  6. For the announcements, please list the names of your bridal party in the order you wish them to be announced, including parents’ name if they are being announced as well. The announcements are usually done by your DJ or band however your catering manager or captain will line you up and explain the process. Please spell all names phonetically. For the toast, please list the names of the individuals who will offer a toast.
  7. For your security and convenience, we require that you appoint one individual to secure your wedding cards as soon as possible after your guests arrive. After everyone is seated for dinner would be the optimum time.
  8. Under no circumstance are children to be left unsupervised anywhere in the facility.
  9. Final Payment is due at your final meeting by cash, certified bank check, or money order. CREDIT CARDS OR PERSONAL CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. No exceptions. Bank checks and/or money orders should be made out to Rich’s Catering & Special Events.