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Established in 1917, but left for ruin since the early 2000’s, the former Buffalo Color plant is now Buffalo’s premier event center.
The History

An Iconic Revitalization Fueling a new era of growth in Buffalo

Constructed in 1917, The Schoellkopf Powerhouse was originally the home of Aniline &  Chemical Company, a manufacturer for dyes and different colorants for the textile industry.  Providing resilient, brilliant color formulations to industry, Schoellkopf became the World  Leader of dye and color products. In the early 1930’s, Schoellkopf merged with the Aniline  Chemical company from New Jersey to form Allied Chemical Corporation.  

In 1976, Allied Chemical sold the facility to Buffalo Color Corporation. After roughly 25 years  of operations, Buffalo Color closed, and the 45-acre production facility sat fallow for almost  a decade. In 2008, OSC Holdings, Inc, through South Buffalo Development, LLC, partnered  with Honeywell to fully remediate and develop a new vision for the property. Today, the  vacant facility has emerged from the last century into a fully developed sports,  entertainment, and commercial complex as Buffalo Color Park!

The History

An Engineering Marvel, A New Epicenter of entertainment

In 1917, the first structure built on the property was The Powerhouse. This marvel of  engineering and industrial advancement generated steam and electricity, compressed air, and pumped water. These utilities powered the Dye plant and the chemical process that  produced a century of industrial activity. Today, the Powerhouse at Buffalo Color Park has  found a second life as the epicenter of entertainment and commercial activity for the entire  park. With events, foodservice, a roof-top patio and unmatched amenities, the Powerhouse  is the economic engine that will drive the site through the 21st century and beyond!  

With fifty-foot windows, incredible masonry detail, and original steel columns, the iconic  look of the space is rivaled by none. Thus, an industrial manufacturing building located in  the heart of Buffalo was revitalized into an entertainment and event center. 

As part of the Buffalo Color Park redevelopment, South Buffalo Development, LLC,  partnered with Medaille College to build the Medaille Sports Complex, currently home to  over 100,000 square feet of athletic turf fields and 20,000 square feet of indoor facilities.

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Curating the best in local Events & experiences

The Powerhouse at Buffalo Color Park is a flexible canvas of 22,000 square feet of event space. There are separate East and West wings, three ground-floor patios, smaller suites, and a rooftop patio. The Powerhouse comes with endless creative opportunities for all of Buffalo to enjoy.

The Powerhouse at Buffalo Color Park, operated by Powerhouse Events LLC, is now booking incredible events – from modern weddings to classic car shows to corporate meetings and everything in-between.

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